A Production System for Musically Pleasing Sonic Events

This web site contains additional information on Marc Conrad's and Tim French's Java production system for Sonic Events. Full details can be found in a joint paper with Marcia Gibson to be presented at IV06.

This is the abstract:

We describe a novel application for sonic events namely their generation via mathematical functions implemented on a universal all purpose Java platform. Their design is driven by a set of requirements that arise in recognition-based authentication systems. We show that our approach has potential advantages as compared with traditional alphanumeric and other password systems. Our intention is to demonstrate that by leveraging familiar musical dimension and aesthetics human memorability, pleasure and pragmatics are enhanced. We demonstrate and briefly discuss one exemplar generative approach that has been specifically designed in order to fulfill the requirements implied by authentication systems. It is hoped that this work serves to stimulate debate and further activity in the field of computer generated sonics.

Poster of the project
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The Java package is licensed under the OpenSource fair licence:

Copyright: Marc Conrad, Tim French 2006. Usage of the works is permitted provided that this instrument is retained with the works, so that any entity that uses the works is notified of this instrument.

The wav files have been produced with TiMidity++ 2.13.0 using the goemon patches. The conversion from wav to mp3 has been made with the Eusing CD to mp3 converter (Version 1.8). A big Thank You to all the folks that contribute free software to the community. Without you this project would not have been possible.
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