Welcome to the home page of the com.perisic.shadow package.

This Java package implements the shadow concept known from LPC.

Please follow this link to the newer version of Java-Shadow implementation using the modified Jikes-compiler

The package is distributed under the LGPL


Basically this package consists of three classes: When an object foo is shadowed by a shadow bla each message that is sent to foo will be first received by bla. If bla is able to understand the message it will continue to process it. Otherwise it passes the message further to foo. In order to make this work all methods that are subject to shadowing have to be called via the method call(String method Name, Object...). (Basically a call foo.call("func", arg1, arg2, ...) is intended to be equivalent to foo.func(arg1, arg2, ...), but the first one can be catched by a shadow.)

Note that all other classes provided in this package are only for illustration and not necessary for the shadow concept. These are in particular:

A common use case with shadows is in the context of computer games where an object for a while "becomes" a different object. For instance a wizard makes a spell that transforms a human player in a black cat for certain amount of time. This is usually achieved by implementing a "cat shadow" that shadows the player object. The player object will then behave rather like a cat as determined by the shadow then a human while the shadow is on.

The preprint Approaching Inheritance from a ``Natural'' Mathematical Perspective and from a Java Driven Viewpoint: a Comparative Review links an extended version of the shadow concept to the problem of interclassing. However the syntax used there is different from the syntax implemented in this package.

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  1. The package has been compiled with Java 1.5. and makes use of some of Java 1.5's new features. You might wish to install Java 1.5 from Sun.
  2. Download the jar-file shadow.jar
  3. Run the test programs:

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Further questions

Feel free to ask questions or contribute ideas about this package by sending an email to
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© Marc Conrad, 2004. The material on this page is presented "as is". There is no warranty implied by presenting this stuff.
Feel free to use the material for your own research or teaching. When doing so please give a reference to this web site (http://perisic.com/shadow). The package is distributed under the terms of the LGPL
The webspace for this project is kindly provided by the Perisic Guesthouse (www.perisic.com).

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