On some important topics in Project Management

There is a newer version of this site: Selected Topics on Project Management

Input, Tools and Techniques from the PMBOK(R)editions 2004, 2008 and 2013 as ppt / pdf slides and in some other formats.

(Lecture slides on Project Documentation, Human Resources and Communication)

In 2013 I delivered a course on Advanced Leadership and Project Management at the University of Greenwich based on the material on this site.

In 2006 I gave four lectures on Project Management at the University of Luton (now called University of Bedfordshire). Just in case that you find this material helpful here it is. All slides are available as the original PowerPoint file, pdf slides, and pdf handouts (6 slides per page).

Special thanks for the wonderful templates that are provided by Gary Evans from CVR/IT Consulting.

Some useful links in Project Management context

On Charles Handy

Lecture slides CIS12-3, 2007

Lecture slides from 2010 on Project Initiation, Scope, Human Resources and Conflict Management

Kathy Schwalbe's book Introduction to Project Management

Link to my book chapter on teaching Project Management with Second Life.

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