The Avatar in the Virtualscape (page 4/12)

  1. Is this the first avatar you have ever created for a virtual environment?
    This is my first avatar for Second Life but I have an avatar / avatar(s) for a different virtual environment (including multiplayer games).
    I have another avatar / other avatar(s) in Second Life.
    This is my first avatar for a virtual world (including multiplayer games).

If you have more than one avatar in Second Life, please answer the following questions for the avatar you have used for the University activities (CIS007-3 Comparative Integrated Systems / CIS015-3 Social and Professional Project Management)

  1. Did you use your avatar for activities that were not related to the University of Bedfordshire units?

Note that the survey is now closed and left here only for the purpose of illustration. Results can be found in Peachey, Anna; Childs, Mark (Eds) Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds Springer, 2011.
Feel free to do the questionnaire as a mock excercise. No data is collected during the process. See here for source code & copyright notice