The Avatar in the Virtualscape (page 1/12)

  1. Are you:
    Home student
    EU student
    Overseas student
  2. Are you:
  3. Please state your age:
    18-24 years
    25-34 years
    35-44 years
    45-54 years
    55-64 years
    65+ years
  4. Please state your ethnicity:
  5. Please tell us which course you are studying:
  6. Did you create an avatar for Second Life?

Note that the survey is now closed and left here only for the purpose of illustration. Results can be found in Peachey, Anna; Childs, Mark (Eds) Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds Springer, 2011.
Feel free to do the questionnaire as a mock excercise. No data is collected during the process. See here for source code & copyright notice