Le LMD en Grande Bretagne et Allemagne

(To the title: In France, LMD stands for Licence, Maitrise, Doctorat and refers to what is known in other places as Bologna process or BaMa).

In May 2005 I gave a talk in Montpellier, France (here is a link to the conference) that discusses the Bologna process in the UK and Germany. This is the abstract:

The Bologna process proposes a system that happens to be similar to the current UK system especially on Undergraduate level. We give an overview on the current Computer Science curriculum at the University of Luton and compare this with a recently developed Bologna compatible curriculum from a German institution.

In case you find this material helpful, here are the slides of this talk as PowerPoint, pdf with six slides per page and pdf with one slide per page

Below also some information about the University of Luton that has been distributed on this conference:

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